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Balances and Works on Four Levels of Existence

  • Physical: The Body & Manifested Pain

  • Emotional: What You Are Feeling

  • Mental: What You Are Allowing Yourself To Think

  • Spiritual: Your Capacity To Love Yourself & Others



Reiki Works  on Cause Rather than the Effects of the dis-ease

  • Impacts the Dis-Ease rather than the symptom.

  • Reiki accelerates Healing, which may cause some initial discomfort: You heal at a faster rate.



How Does Reiki Feel?

  • You feel very relaxed as the Energy Flows Through Your Body.  Some even fall asleep.

  • You may experience Reiki Energy as colors or Pure Love.

  • You may feel Peaceful or Emotional as old patterns surface.




What Happens During a Session, What Should I expect?

  • Take off your shoes, watch, and metal jewelry.

  • You should relax and enjoy the session, however talking or asking questions in an individual manner.

  • Allow your mental mind to release all thoughts & fears so you can focus on the present experience.

  • A Reiki Practitioner only works with the chakras or areas of specific pain. There is no need for touching where it might not be appreciated.

  • A pillow is placed under your neck or knees if you want (this helps take pressure off the spine).

  • A tissue is placed over your eyes so you focus inward.

  • Enjoy soft, relaxing music.

  • You may experience a shift in consciousness, this is an important part of healing).




After The Session?

  • Your aura is swept, front and back.

  •  Some feel energized, others feel incredible peace.

  • You must drink eight glasses of pure water a day for a minimum of three days; this flushes toxins out of the system.  Water is important to the body.

  • According to the practitioner, you may be advised to schedule another appointment to maintain well-ness.

  • Ask about absentee healing.

  • In the case of dis-ease, you may wish to examine your lifestyle and make positive, healthy modifications.




How Much Does a Reiki Session Cost?


Session's cost $70 and generally lasts 60 min long.

Absent Healing is also available for $45 and lasts 20 min long.

Lightarian Reiki/Angel Links/Rays also available.

Please come on an empty stomach and wear loose comfortable clothing.




The various forms of Reiki offered are Usui, Karuna,

Gendai, Sekhem-Seichim Reiki.

Classes are a combination of Japanese & Western Style.  Can teach Gendai only. 

Discount if already Reiki I, Reiki II, or Master (must show documentation).
Amanohuna I & II Classes - Cost is same as Reiki.

Reiki I Gendai - Shoden


Reiki II Gendai - Okuden


Kundalini Reiki - $155

Quantum-Touch Level I - $450

YESHUA Inergetics - $175

Reiki III Mastership - $1250 (includes manual)

Additional cost for Room/Board, if off-site. Evaluation Required.
With Shinpiden is $500 and Gokuikaiden is $750
(each can be taken separately).

Contact Rev. Adara for

Reiki IV, Reiki III Mastership Registration/Info

All Healing is Self Healing...Free Yourself!All Healing is Self Healing...Free Yourself!All Healing is Self Healing...Free Yourself!All Healing is Self Healing...Free Yourself!All Healing is Self Healing...Free Yourself!




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